I’m Mercedes Kirkel. I’m a multi-award-winning author and channel for MARY MAGDALENE, as well as other Beings of Light. My passion is to help people connect with higher guidance so that they can fulfill their soul’s mission.

I have a treasure chest of enlightened help that I would love to share with you, to support you in becoming the person you came here to be.

Would you like to receive guidance from Mary Magdalene, Yeshua, Mother Mary, Isis, or Archangel Michael?

Do you want to live your life purpose and remove obstacles that are holding you back?

Would you like your relationships to be aligned to your spiritual beliefs and values?

Are you ready to move forward into higher dimensions of being?




Here’s how:

“I don’t feel stuck any more! You have opened doors of possibilities for me that have lifted me up and encouraged me so much. What a blessing you are.”

Guidance from Mary Magdalene and Other Beings of Light — Communicate with Mary Magdalene, Yeshua (Jesus), Mother Mary, Isis, or Archangel Michael for clarity and direction that’s specifically tailored for you.

Heart-Source Life-and-Relationships Coaching — Move to your next level of being who you really are. Through my own guidance and my training in communication, counseling, and spirituality, I help you create the life and relationships you desire.

Spiritual Mentoring — Receive personalized instruction and spiritual practices for evolving into the fourth dimension and beyond, along with coaching for areas in which you feel stuck or need help.

“You’ve been a life-changing experience for me.”

Let me assist you in transforming into the magnificent person you came here to be.



Watch the video below to learn about the experiences that led me to communicate with Mary Magdalene. (Rick Archer is interviewing me on Buddha At The Gas Pump)



In this video, you can watch me channeling Yeshua and Mary Magdalene:



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I look forward to supporting you in your journey into the heart!

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